Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aaron's Lesson (Hawaii Music Supply) || C-A-G-E-D

Aaron notes that this lesson is based on Fred Sokolov's Fretboard Roadmaps book. The book is written for standard ukulele but, as always, we can do a baritone ukulele transposition. I have it in my music library. Actually, in this case Aaron has already adapted the lesson to suit the standard bari-uke DoGBonE tuning. This tutorial, if practiced regularly, will certainly build your ukulele skills and finger dexterity.

That Pono ukulele is quite a beautiful instrument. I will give a plug here for Hawaii Music Supply because of their support for the ukulele community with good videos,

Thank you Aaron for a great lesson on the Baritone Ukulele.

(That last D shape has always been tricky for me. I often "cheat" by playing only the G-B-E strings. I have only one comment on Aaron's video and it involves the controversy over up and down, or top and bottom. For the ukulele or guitar up means higher in the musical scale. So, "up" or the "top" is actually towards your feet. "Down" or the "Bottom" strings are closer to your nose.)

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