Thursday, March 29, 2012

Todd Baio || There But For Fortune

I have had a bari-uke-player-crush on Todd's soulfull country finger-pickin' and singin' skills for quite a while. I had been studyin' on his version of "You Don't Know My Mind" and strugglin' with figurin' out his finner pickin' pattern. Any buddy got a good eye or ear for figgurin'? The video I'm studyin' doesn't show much of his hand so I'm movin' to thissun which shows his right hand so much more clearly.

I don't think that I listened to this before. Todd has got such a solid voice and demeanor.

[I think that he uses only his thumb, middle and ring finger in this pattern. The thumb alternates on the 4th and 3rd strings most of the time but sometimes he does a rest stroke where he strums the 4th and lands his thumb on the 3rd for just an instant. The ring finger plucks before the middle finger.]

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