Thursday, March 29, 2012

PHOTO: Jamie and Jesse Photo Shoot

After watching a few of Jesse and Jamie's videos together I found that besides enjoying their music I liked their retro style clothing. I asked Jesse (Jethro Wilbury) if they would be willing to share a photo with the baritone ukulele community and it turns out that they did it with their usual flare!

Jesse writes, "(Here's a little) background about our collaborations. Sometimes when we're just jamming, one of us will start playing a song and the other will join in or start singing, and if we sound good together, we make a video. We share a love for music that was popular among our grandparents' and parents' generations in their formative and youthful years. Jamie and I both come from the state of Georgia in the USA, and we still reside and do lots of ukulele-playing there."

Jamie Landers 

Jesse "Jethro Wilbury"

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