Friday, March 23, 2012

Low Down Dog Blues Research

Today both Dr. Bekken and EugeneUkulele did versions of this song. I love these bluesy songs and started off Googling for a printed version of the lyrics and chords. I came across something called WeeniePedia which caught my attention based on it's irreverent name.

Low Down Dog Blues (Lyrics via WeeniePedia)

Low Down Dog Blues (Lyrics via Blues Lyrics dot com)

Dr. Bekken's video

Eugene's video


  1. Great. I just sang the lyrics from memory. There are some great versions on youtube, including one by pianist Meade Lux Lewis with Big Joe Turner's vocals. That's some baaaad s**t, for sure.

  2. I started "Baritonics - Music Student Notes" and there's a link under the title "Sharing the Good Knowledge." And these exemplify the style of music which I want to analyze and focus some of my attention on Country Folksy Blues. I have a six week class coming up in April with Suzy Thompson in Berkeley, CA.