Friday, March 23, 2012

BeHeld || It Must Be True

Our friend OutaSpaceMan has a new band which combines the talents of musicians playing baritone ukulele, sitar and mandolin. He told me that it has raised some eyebrows. But as you will soon hear, makes quite a sonorous ensemble. OSM says, this is a "magical reality ditty about the small dreams of call-centre workers."

I have checked out OSM's website several times and enjoy his signage trickery. His blog "The Inexplicable World of OutaSpaceMan" is a treat for those that appreciate the unusual. He's been working on a motorized bicycle recently so I recommend looking back into the archives too those looking to get a deeper insight.

He sent me notice on Humbleuker(at)gmail(dot)com and provided a link to the video as well. I do appreciate a little communication with other baritone ukulele players, or readers in general. I would also like to suggest that it would enhance my ability to see your video, if you post, if you would put "Baritonics" as one of your video tags. (I am surprised at how often YouTube doesn't show all of the recent baritone ukulele videos.

Something else that I'll mention is that I do enjoy getting photos of you with your baritone ukulele. Many friends have provided photos. Just know that they are used to spread the bari-uke-love.

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