Friday, May 6, 2011

WEEK FOCUS #11 || Olivia Quillio

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Olivia Quillio. I like the geometry of her name: circles and lines. Olivia graciously shared this photo with all of us that travel along with Humble Baritonics and enjoy playing the baritone ukulele. She's a singer and a multi-instrumentalist that has a special affection for bari and the way that it plays sweetly with her voice. I think this image of her on a New York City rooftop would make an excellent album cover and like I said on the teaser photo -- it's sure to be a downloader's fav.

I have been delaying putting together a WEEK FOCUS for a few days because my clients have had a harmonic convergence and they all needed something completed by me this week. I have some good OQ stuff to share and several videos but for now this is still just another teaser, albeit with a juicy photo, until I can break out a larger chunk of time.

Please stay tuned... (plenty more on the way.)

I asked Olivia to share a bit of her musical background,
“As far as my music goes, I've been writing songs for about 4 years now. I started on piano, then moved on to the Ukulele a year or so later. Six months after my first uke I bought my Baritone. That was a year and half ago, and while I do play a little guitar, mandolin and banjo, my main instruments are my voice and my baritone. (His name is "Bari") I play with a full piece band when I get a chance, but I mostly play as a duo. I've done a lot of performing with upright bass, and now am expanding to doing a group with myself and an electric guitarist. I play all around New York State, I've also played some shows in Portland, OR. This summer I am planning a tour down the east coast and into the Midwest. This is my life, other than maintaining my job at a local coffee shop. I left college a year back and abandoned my degree aspirations to pursue my music whole heartedly. I couldn't be happier with the place I'm in now as far as my life with music is going. I owe a lot of that to my baritone.”
Here's Olivia giving a radio station introduction followed by an interview on a local New York public radio station WMHT, Link. Her intro song is her "Easy Killer" performance with song professional recording, then you can hear Olivia's story in her own words.

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