Monday, January 10, 2011


Bueno Chen is an amazing musician from Hawaii that has posted many dexterious videos while performing on the baritone ukulele. He always has some amazing fingerwork in his songs that dazzle me and some remind me of that 70's rock guitar player.

In his YouTube channel he writes,
"I started playing the ukulele off and on since I was a kid. Then went to the guitar for many years. I later came back to the tenor ukulele. But now, prefer the baritone ukulele the most. I am currently an ukulele instructor at the University of Hawaii."

Bueno has many years of experience and likes a wide variety of music. His playing seems to blend varies genres and always has an engaging sound.

In the focus I featured (8) of Bueno's videos:

1) Europa (as seen above)

Be sure to check out Bueno's YouTube channel for more great videos... here.

Earlier today I received an email from Bueno about his latest Baritone Ukulele and video. In all of the videos above he's masterfully playing a very affordable Lanikai Baritone. He makes that Lanika sound so good that I wonder if he's adjusted the set-up so that it plays to the slightest touch.

Here's his note,
"Hey Jeff - check out the original song on the electric Kala baritone. The owner of Kala used to own Lanikai but created Kala. I think the Kala is a pretty decent Uke, plays good and most important - stays in tune. The uke was a fair price (xmas special). I think this Kala will end up being my gig uke. Aloha from Hawaii - Bueno :)"
And here's his latest video playing the new electric Kala baritone...

I got to posting this WEEK FOCUS so late this time and I'm almost ready for a new focus. Just ran a bit behind this time the small video boxes had been up since shortly after Christmas. Jeff

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