Monday, May 31, 2010

Glen Rose JAZZYUKE lessons Low G set-up on GCEA Baritone (Works for Low D DGBE too!)

Glen Rose just had a large class at Mike DaSilva's Ukulele Studio in Berkeley, CA and there was a call for a second class coming up real soon. The class will be on June 13, 2010 at _pm (Mike has not posted this on his site yet -- so please double check). Glen does his classes using a baritone ukulele tuned low G to appease the many standard size ukuleles at the clubs. He plays it because he likes the increased richness of tone for his Jazz Chord Patterns. This works well for the Low D Bari player.


Hate To Get Up In The Morning

As Time Goes By (chord melody)

Let’s Have Another Cup Of Coffee

You Irritate Me So (and misc. clips)

Misty (chord melody)

You Do Something to Me ukulele (Glen and Linda)

Girl From Ipnema Chord melody in Bb


Jazzy Ululele lesson 1 Major Patterns (lesson)

Jazzy Ululele lesson 2 Minor Patterns (lesson)

As Time Goes By (lesson)

Autumn Leaves Ukulele (lesson for book)

Bossa Nova rhythms (strumming lesson, part 1)

Corcovado (lesson)

Days of Wine and Roses (chord lesson)

Girl From Ipanema


  1. I was just at a Glen Rose Jazzy Uke class at DaSilva's in Berkeley and I learned something new. I play everyday and sometimes I overdo it and get mild bouts of tendinitis and needs to back off or do some simpler strumming for a while. Glen says that if we minimize the barring of chords with a single finger and sometimes use all four fingers there will be less strain. He also talked about releasing the fingers between strums (but this depends on the song or affect that you want to achieve.

  2. Hi Glen, REALLY enjoyed your You Tube video. Well done!

    I read your page on how to tune to low G but remain a bit confused...your video shows no wound strings on your bari and they look like Aquilas. Are you using the "Concert" set (rearranged) or the "Baritone C-tuning set" (rearranged)? You never mentioned using a Tenor set (closer to bari string length). I would think the rearranged bari C string tuned down a 5th would be flabby but yours sounds quite nice.

    Also, I can find no "extra long" Concert strings (I even called Elderly). I did, however, learn the Aquila Concert set is 30.5 inches long so, with care, they will probably work on a bari.

    I appreciate any clarification.

    Thanks for such a wonderful site for us bari players! I really enjoy it. Best wishes!

  3. Tom -- Hello, I am not Glen but do keep in touch will him fairly regularly. I'll let him know about your comment. I do know that Worth Strings has a lowG bari set of (unwound) strings that can be found on Elderly Music's site among others I'm sure. I am also trying to find out Ukulele Nippers ideas on his best baritone strings. I am glad that you like Humble Baritonics. There are some other new Baritone ukulele blogs and you can peruse the top 50 ukulele sites. I also have a supplemental baritone ukulele site called DoGBonE Baritone which is a single post for a singe player or band. It is always a work in progress. Jeff

  4. I suggest SouthCoast Uke strings - a lot of players love em. Also, search on Ukulele Underground where this topic has a ton written on it.