Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Robert's Guitars || Some Beautiful Custom Bari's

Dolce Vita - B14 Chocolate Striped 

Macassar Ebony Baritone

Chocolate Striped Macassar Ebony (Diospyros celebica) back and sides from SE Asia, with Bearclaw Carpathian Spruce soundboard. Proprietary Hybrid Kasha tonebars. Two "tuned" side sound ports. Torrefied Maple laminated neck, w/ black/red/black veneers center stripe, carbon fiber truss. Cantilevered fretboard w/ 19 frets. Compound radius fretboard, w/ silver bezel fret markers inlayed with Mother of Pearl dots. Asymmetrical headstock. Gabon Ebony fretboard w/ black / red veneers. Gabon Ebony binding and heel cap w/ black / red purfling and veneers. African Blackwood bridge w/ camel bone saddle. Gabon Ebony headstock veneer w/ black and red purfling veneers on top and back. Camel bone nut. Mi-Si/LR Baggs pickup. Gotoh Mini 510 tuners.

This instrument is available for purchase now, and is completed. Inquire for information. (HB Comment: The top face sound holes must be amazing to hear oneself playing.)


Chiaroscuro - Black & White Laotian 

Pale Moon Ebony B16 Baritone

Black &White Laotian Pale Moon Ebony, Diospyros malabarica (syn. Diospyros embryopteris, D. peregrina). Rare specie of wood, and not like other Ebonies. A more midrange Janka hardness in the range of Bastogne Walnut, Zebrawood, and Ovankol. European Carpathian Spruce sound board. Figured Oregon Big Leaf Maple neck, with Malagasy Ebony stringer. B+W Ebony ebony on back of neck, headstock and heel cap veneers. Malagasy Ebony binding, w/ Figured Maple purflings. Mi-Si / LR Baggs underside pickup.

This instrument is in production still. (HB comment: Amazing grain contrast!)

(HB comment: I am sharing these beautiful instrument photos that were sent by Mark Roberts. I love to share photos and descriptions of custom made ukuleles.)

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