Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sam .C || Game of Thrones Theme (Ulolica & Melolele)

Sam writes,
"Filmed at an eleventh-century fort on a steep rocky hill overlooking Jaipur, India. Enjoy!
One of the angles was filmed by an Indian Muslim man who stumbled across my recording session. I can not speak Hindi, and he couldn't speak English, but he managed to tell me he had five girlfriends, and then he proceeded to show me photos of all seven of them? I don't know what to believe.
About Sam: I am Sam.
P.S. I am currently travelling with my GF across Europe and Asia, doing a little bit of street performing/busking and having a fantastic time."
Sam has more videos, he's gotta be on The Bad-Ass Baritone Ukulele Playlist!!!

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