Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tom Nelson's Tunes || La Gitanita (Flamenco Baritone Ukulele)

Tom has a great fondness for Flamenco music. He wrote the following...

Flamenco is a field of study all on to it's own. It started with the gypsies in southern Europe and was not highly thought of by the upper class. Every region developed it's own style. Some of these are very flowing and some seem like random parts just thrown together. What the guitarist is doing is playing to how the dancer moves. It might look like the music determines what the dance is but it's the other way around. I tried to find a flamenco instructor for quite a while around here and had absolutely no luck at all. I would tell folks to find a style or piece of music they like and then work on that. It must be remembered that whatever is found will be laid out for a 6 string guitar and not for our 4 string bari's. So, a little massaging must be done. In fact I have never found any flamenco music for the uke.

This is not the easiest music to find or play, it's just the most fun. 

Jürg Hochweber composed "La Gitanita" in 1989 for guitar students and put it on my website for free non-commercial use. Now it is popular all over the world, but it is not a traditional song! Tom Nelson has arranged the tune for baritone ukulele

La Gitanita pdf
La Gitanita (Tabledit)

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