Wednesday, May 10, 2017

DrBekken gives away Ancient Mystical Secrets of Playing the Blues on a Baritone Ukulele from somewhere near the Fjords of Norway!

Dear Humble Baritonics Readers and Subcribers: I was so excited to receive two e-mails from DrBekken this morning that the above hyperbolic title just begged to be proclaimed. As you look at your computers, ridiculous claims continue to be made to provoke, inspire, and perhaps even instill despair with the state of the world. Not so here on Humble Baritonics you receive the honest to God simple bari truths. Today's truth is more good blues tutorials from the Norwegian Scatman. You have reached the mother lode, Nirvana, awesome blues...

Doc's short tip on using a movable chord shape (3-string D = X232), with droning bass.


 The great old show tune 'Singing In The Rain', played in Eb on the baritone ukulele. Only three chord shapes are in use...many more actual chords. Another example of movable chord shapes.


I will add a page tab above, "DrBekken Blues" and you can also find a playlist of DrBekken's playing on The Bad-Ass Baritone Ukulele. Here's an encore, DrBekken at the piano...



  1. Doc's vids are always fun to watch. He can inspire you to improvise and experiment with your own style of playing.

  2. These were wonderful, but this new font makes the blog very difficult to read. Is there a way to change it back?

  3. Karen. You are not the only one to mention it. I will work on it. I like the Wacky Fonts for the Headers but this blogger template seems to also make the writeup in the same font. Thanks for your feedback. Are you seeing this on a phone or laptop? Jeff

  4. Thanks so much. I'm seeing this on my iMac.