Friday, May 5, 2017

Tom Nelson || Askogan Farewell

There are some songs that evoke a mellow melancholy. This is one of those for me. I have found some arrangements for guitar that are beyond the low range of the bari and had decided to work on its transposition. The song has quite a spread between the high and low notes. I have Tabledit but haven't used it enough to be fully proficient. Our friend, Tom Nelson, provides all of his "Tunes" in Tabledit.

So I asked Tom a few questions and he also became a fan of the song. Lucky for you and I, I think he has really captured the feel of the song. He has transposed it from D to the key of G. 

Askogan Farewell (for personal use)
Askogan Farewell (Tabledit File)

Thank you Tom!


P.S. This will also be posted in the "Tom Nelson's Tunes" above.

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