Thursday, April 20, 2017

Andrew Morse (Shares A Tune) || My Old Friend the Blues

Andrew is one of the many baritone ukulele players that I have enjoyed watching for several years. His skillful play has many followers on YouTube and Ukulele Underground. I noticed that he sometimes posts lyrics and chords with his songs and asked him if he would be interested in sharing. I was very pleased that he has also been a fan of the items shared on Humble Baritonics and agreed to add some music as well.

He asked me if I had any favorites, and I requested "My Old Friend the Blues" by Steve Earle. I first heard Pabrizzer perform the song and it became a favorite. Andrew's version is similar in some way and different in others. He also took the time to learn a music software program in order to make the arrangement as readable as possible.

My Old Friend the Blues

Look for the new page for "Andrew Morse" above. We all hope to see it grow as Andrew finds the inspiration.

Andrew's YT version of MOFtB...

(Pabrizzer has shared the song 3 times and also done a tutorial. Here's a beautiful rendition of MOFtB from 2013 he has a very driven strum and bluesy voice.)

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