Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ukulele Sessions || James Hill & Anne Janelle

Thanks to Ron Hale DRM for finding and sharing this one. This starts of with a standard ukulele and then has two songs with James on a Mya-Moa Baritone Ukulele.
James Hill and Anne Janelle play three songs for our cameras on this Ukulele Session. The first two are old-time classics, one with vocals by Anne Janelle, followed up with an original written by James Hill.
“Blackberry Blossom”“Ah, Poor Bird” with vocal by Anne Janelle“Promenade,” an original written and sung by James Hill
On his set, James played three ukes, a signature tenor built by Berkeley, California maker Mike DaSilva and two baritones made by Mya-Moe, of White Salmon, Washington. One baritone is tuned standard (capoed at the second fret), while the other one is tuned to a unique tuning that James developed. The second baritone is tuned B E B E, with the two B strings tuned in unison.
DRM is "Deep Research Man."

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