Friday, March 10, 2017

Claude LeBlanc || Comparing 4 Different Tunings on a Baritone Ukulele: LOW D, HIGH D, LOW G, HIGH G

Read his YouTube video comments for the string gauges chosen for GCEA tuning. "I am playing Seaguar Blue Label fishing lead for all tunings *(except the D in the Low D tuning, which is Seaguar Premier fishing lead."

The Seaguar Premier fishing lead strings used are:
LOW D: D=*130lb, G=80lb, B=60lb, E=40lb
HIGH D: D=50lb, G=80lb, B=60lb, E=40lb

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  1. Humble Baritonics sticks to the Chicago Tuning of DGBE as much as possible. I like to call this tuning, DoGBonE tuning. There are many places for GCEA tuning but rarely on this blog records.

    Jeff / Humble Baritonics