Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pono Beauty || Pono Pro Classic Rosewood/Spruce Sunburst Baritone Ukulele NUI (BN-30D SB)

Māori "nui"

(noun) size, quantity, vastness, greatness, importance, amount, abundance, plenty, rank.

This Pono baritone has many of the features that I have dreamed about for a baritone ukulele. Being the Pro-Classic model it also comes with the Pro-Classic price. I like to think that an instrument is a lifelong investment worth every penny. But for the average hobbyist the price point ($1,100) is a bit challenging. That being said I think that Pono is on the leading edge of models and designs for the baritone ukulele.

I have a beautiful Pono AB, Acacia Baritone, and it has become my regular player at home.

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  1. Krasnogorsk has a new video, Jeff. "Dancing On Scaffolding." Audio.

    I have the Diamond Head bari sold by Magic Fluke. Smaller, thinner, lighter than my former Kala, with a
    more cutting sound.

    Pono's solid-body electric baris look nice.

    Don't play much these days though.