Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lil Rev' || Sing Daddy Sing

I have seen Lil' Rev sing, perform and teach over the years. I helped him start off his Fountain of Uke blog. He's a songster, historian, teacher, writer leaning towards the vibrant Old-Time music, Ragtime, Schottisches, Klezmer and such, A multi-instrumental extraordinaire to be certain. I forgot to mention the Blues. What out when he has his mouth harp out cuz' Rev can wail with the best of them.

He's working on a new musical project, You may find out more and support Lil' Rev here, Lil' Rev's Sing Daddy Sing recording project (Go Fund Me Page) He tells me he's featuring the bari-uke in a few songs. 

This reminds me of a LR song that I posted many years ago. His flair and love for the music is unmistakable. He's playing a BEAUTIFUL Tony Graziano baritone ukulele. Check out that bari and enjoy Lil' Rev's stylings on Bonaparte's Retreat.

Rev writes,

"This tune was originally recorded by Pee Wee King. I feel in love with the tune thru the work of the Holy Modal Rounders and adapted it to the Baritone Ukulele for this simple rendering. I play D shapes and A7 chords, The tune is very simple rhythmically speaking. But it has a great melody and an old time feel that i really love. enjoy! Lil Rev or"

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