Saturday, February 11, 2017

Humble Baritonics Changes & You

Hello reader. I have been adding pages to bring more to share and explore on Humble Baritonics. I have had several conversations with  Roger Ruthen of pdf-minstrel and he's been an inspiration to provide more information to the baritone ukulele community. 

Tonight I added a page called "Bari CD's" which will contain Artist and their CD's as well as links on where to purchase them whenever possible. I have started reviewing past posts and 

Are you aware that James Hill has a CD that features the baritone ukulele? Did you know Jake Shimabukuro has a Baritone ukelele song in one of his albums? Did you know that Jon Braman has a Hip Hop ukulele CD? There's also a Parlour Music CD from John Kavanagh published in 2006 and is still available on CD via CD Baby?

I will be updating the list over the next couple of weeks. Please, if you are aware of other groups playing baritone ukulele in part or all of their music, share it with the bari-uke community.

Wild Child, The Haunted Windchimes, The Burning Hell. Alison Krauss, and more...

Thanks for sharing and making this a better place for everybody.

Jeff / Humble Uker.


  1. Did you know, Jeff, that the 'Little Stove Presents'
    YT channel has 2 new Zoe Bestel bari videos?

  2. Hey Ron, It has been quite a while. So good to hear from you. I guess you still have your finger on the pulse of changes in the ukulele and music world. Thanks for the tip on Zoe Bestel. I have enjoyed her music. I'll have to see if she has some bari-uke music in her CD(s). Jeff