Friday, January 6, 2017

Me & Old Harmony DoGBonE Tenor Guitar

Humbly Ukin' Jeff with a DoGBonE Harmony Tenor Guitar

My Wife Wendy and I did a complete bathroom remodel and partial kitchen remodel between the beginning of October 2016 until just before Christmas. We acted as our own contractor and had several subs along the way. Some very good, and a couple that we wished we hadn't met. We acted promptly to keep the true craftsman and eliminate the fakers.

One man, Michael, that we came across caught me playing my bari on the sofa one evening. He lives in our town and said he's had a 4-stringer for about 40 years. I asked him to bring it over and offered to restring it for him in DoGBonE tuning as he requested. It is a beautiful instrument with a small chip and some fret wear.

I started off my ukulele playing with my father's old soprano harmony ukulele with the plastic fretboard. He had given it to my kids and it lay in a toybox for many years. It is a wonder I ever got started since the instrument was in wretched playing shape.

I love the sunburst paint pattern and would like to see bari's painted this way. I posted a Pono Bari a few days back with a beautiful sunburst finish but it is actually a tenor guitar size set up for nylon strings and tuned like a baritone. I would love to give one a try.

Don't know if you've noticed but I have shifted the "pages" around a little bit and added "Bari Pickin'". I have had some conversations with Roger Ruthen who maintains the most prestigious bari-uke site in the world with his baritone ukulele tab on pdf-minstrel. He and I are collaborating to provide more tablature for bari players. The tunes will be from the public domain or original creations. This is exciting to be able to share more tab on Humble Baritonics.

On another page "" I will be linking some of the free tab from the real I have found flatpick Guitar Magazine to be an amazing resource even though it is geared for the plectrum and the steel string guitar. The magazine just stopped being published after a twenty year run. It is a first class publication. All magazines are still available for purchase thru If the hardcopies are sold out then digital copies are readily available. There are also many books, dvds, cds and such for sale.

If you have any thing that you'd like to share in the bari world as in stories, photos, music that you've created please contact me. 

Jeff West / Humble Uker / Humble Baritonics

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