Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Martin Size 5 Tenor Guitar = Guitar Uke = Uke-I-Tar

Check this beauty out on Elderly Instruments...
Size 5 (Mini) body of solid Sipo, single ring soundhole rosette, morado bridge. 4-string neck, solid peghead with old-style Martin decal, vintage style open-gear tuners with cream buttons and Elderly Instruments stamp on back of peghead. Solid morado fretboard (23"scale, 1-1/4"nut), small pearl dot position markers. Tuned CGDA. May be re-strung for GDAE or DGBE/Chicago tuning. Approximate body dimensions are: upper bout 8", lower bout 11", maximum depth 3 3/4", body length 15 3/4", total length 34". Satin finish. Martin flattop hardshell case. HISTORICAL FUN FACT: Tenor guitar or Big Ukulele?? We found a 1924 pamphlet describing the tenor guitar as a "Guitar-Uke" or Uke-I-Tar" ! 

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