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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine || Free Flatpicking Lesson

I am a big fan of this magazine even though I am not a flatpicker. I currently play fingerstyle but I am working on pick skills. Flatpicking the strings has the opportunity to increase the volume of the baritone ukulele when playing with others.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine December 2016 Tab Free Lesson


Monday, December 12, 2016

LewDite || DGBD Thumb Pickin' Music with Tabs

This video by Lew has something unusual and should be watched clear thru to the end where he gives a color-coded tab. If you want to hear more old-time music you would do well to browse thru Lew's U-Tube Songster Channel. I have not really give much thought to other tunings but someday I would like to explore some variations.

I do have a couple of Woodrow's (Dulcimer Strum Sticks, currently tuned DADD and DAD) and Lew's playing reminds me a bit of that old-time drone sound. Bari-uke DGBD open tuning is open G-tuning. DF#AD is open D-tuning. There's also a light claw-hammer aspect to these arrangements.

Wagoner's Lad

Robin May Guitar || Something

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Camsuke || It Is Well With My Soul

This sounds amazing, tuned CGBD (Tenor Banjo)

Vintage Tenor Guitars (Steve Pyott)

As hard as it is to find anything published for the tenor guitar there are some beautiful instruments on the market. Tuning to DGBE is always an option.

Eastwood Guitar || Tenor Guitar (Possible Bari Conversion?)

The price on this Eastwood tenor guitar is amazing, $529 or $599. Could try DGBE!

Wikipedia || Tenor Guitar

Here's a great read about Tenor Guitars from Wikipedia...

I have been adding in Tenor Guitar info in the blog. I have one tuned like the treble strings of a guitar, DGBE. Perhaps one day I'll try the CGDA tuning and check out the annual TG event in Astoria, Oregon.