Monday, December 12, 2016

LewDite || DGBD Thumb Pickin' Music with Tabs

This video by Lew has something unusual and should be watched clear thru to the end where he gives a color-coded tab. If you want to hear more old-time music you would do well to browse thru Lew's U-Tube Songster Channel. I have not really give much thought to other tunings but someday I would like to explore some variations.

I do have a couple of Woodrow's (Dulcimer Strum Sticks, currently tuned DADD and DAD) and Lew's playing reminds me a bit of that old-time drone sound. Bari-uke DGBD open tuning is open G-tuning. DF#AD is open D-tuning. There's also a light claw-hammer aspect to these arrangements.

Wagoner's Lad

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  1. I bought a couple of his books - they're interesting arrangements as he puts the melody on the middle two strings and uses the 1st more like a drone.