Saturday, September 24, 2016

Michael Walker || Classical Baritone Ukulele

Here's the link to Michael Walker's rapidly growing list of CLASSICAL music books for the baritone ukulele. This link is to where you can also get a bit of a preview of the book. I have one of the books and it is a quality publication. The first tunes are very playable for the intermediate player but they rapidly get more challenging.

Also check out this Lulu page

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  1. 19 books so far - working on book 20 now - Matteo Carcassi transcribed for baritone ukulele. Glad to see so many consider the uke a serious instrument capable of making really great music. If you have time, check out my Facebook page by typing in @tablature9754 and click on the Facebook link. I also have a webpage set up by Lulu - not terribly exciting - at Anyway - keep on playing and have fun!