Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bruce Emery || Baritone Ukulele Jump Start

Bruce Emery is a prolific writer of books for the Guitar and over the last few years he has created books for the ukulele player. For the bari player he created a great book with a wide spectrum of knowledge to support the growth of every level of player. Bruce actually started off playing the baritone ukulele and has a very simple, straightforward, encouraging, and lightly humorous way of presenting ideas.

Bruce's latest work is a kind of prequel/companion to the "Baritone Ukulele from Scratch." It is a 4 page laminated product he calls, "Baritone Ukulele Jump Start." He also has free audio tracks available on his Skeptical Guitarist website.

Contents: Bruce's work is professional and comes from years of teaching. In his Jump Start he covers some basic strums, and chord families and the five most important: G, C D, A & E. The Circle of Fifths. Ways to use the capo with caged shapes. A first position Note Locator. Basic and Travis picking patterns. And then there is a very nice 116 chord chart that would be great to keep in your music binder as a quick reference.

The product is not yet on the Skeptical Guitarist website, ordering page, as of yet. I will check in with Bruce to find when it will be available.

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