Sunday, June 19, 2016

Michael Walker || Classical Baritone Ukulele

Michael Walker's YouTube Channel currently features a photo of him on my homeground of the San Francisco Bay Area. He recently put out two books for classical music set up for play on the Low D baritone ukulele. I have already received the first book, Classics for the Baritone Ukulele.

Now there's a new Selected Pieces by Johann Kaspar Mertz for Baritone Ukulele.

The books look to be of very high quality and are surely a welcome addition to my baritone ukulele library. The links are to Amazon dot com only because they are convenient but also allow one to have a "peek inside."


  1. Thanks for posting my videos on your site! I'm working on some additional pieces and getting some better recording equipment so I can improve on the sound quality. Your site is magnificent! Lot
    of great resources here.

  2. Michael -- As I am an amateur musician of the baritone ukulele I enjoy the full variety of music. The amount of baritone specific literature is small but growing. You've just added (2) wonderful books to the collection. I encourage you to let me know when you have something new as my research is sporadic. Jeff

  3. Two thoughts. I have transcribed a number of etudes by Fernando Sor for the baritone ukulele. The book says there are 12 but there are really 14 in the book. Most of these are somewhere between beginner and intermediate player but in any case, they are all fun to play. ALso, i started out transcribing pieces for the renaissance guitar - all five books by Adrian Le Roy and others. The renaissance guitar is an ancestor of the ukulele and, as such, is a 4 course instrument tuned just like a baritone uke. This means that every one of these pieces are playable on the baritone uke and,in fact, are more authentic on the uke than on a guitar! After saying all that, my point is I have completed 11 books of tablature with pieces ranging from 16th century into the 20th century all playable on the uke. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  4. New book for baritone ukulele just published - 61 pieces from the Romantic period - really awesome music!

  5. After a bit of an absence, I am finally getting back into my transcriptions which I hope you all will enjoy! Here are ten fun to play pieces by Sixtus Kargel transcribed from his 1574 Book of Lute Pieces for the six-course lute transcribed for the Renaissance guitar, guitar and for the baritone ukulele.