Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ken Middleton || Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Gospel Bari)

Ken Middleton sent an e-mail with some recent videos from his performances at the 2016 Ukulele Festival of Scotland. He mentions an upcoming trip to the Ukulele World Congress meeting in Indiana and that he's bringing his "amazing" new custom Mike Pereira baritone ukulele with him there. 

Ken expects to have some videos the new new bari at the UWC. He says, "I know I don’t make as many baritone videos as I should, but I took my baritone to play at the recent amazing Scottish Ukulele Festival. I had a long set in the last concert and played it for quite a few tunes. I have already put three of them online. You may not have seen them. I am pretty pleased with them. I will be making a lot more baritone vidoes from now on."

We will look forward to them!

Here's a couple more from the Ukulele Festival of Scotland...

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