Monday, February 29, 2016

Shifty Pop Musician || Don't Let Love Getcha Down (Original)

Shifty Pop Sarah writes...
"Hey! I'm Sarah, AKA Shiftypop and i'm 25 and from the UK. I've been singing and songwriting since I was 15. I followed a fun educational journey all the way up to University in South Wales, Newport. There I studied Creative Sound and Music for 3 years, created a girlband called Toypop (which has now disbanded) and now I write songs and jingles full-time on and for various businesses. I started playing guitar in 2003 but stopped playing as much when playing toy instruments took over in 2011. I bought a baritone ukulele and it has brought me back to singing/playing an instrument! I really hope you enjoy this :) I'm a little rusty, but i'm hoping these videos that I post up on youtube will give me the practice to get AWESOME! :) I wrote this song in 2015, don' let love gotcha down, k?"

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