Saturday, January 30, 2016

Andrew Morse || Tonewood Amp Demo

Andrew provides quite a primer on this product. Below is the beginning of his write up. Read his video notes on Youtube for the complete info...

A sample of different effects presets on the Tonewood Amp (TWA) through a Mya Moe Baritone ukulele. For more information on the TWA see their website here:

I run through a couple of presets I saved for use with this instrument. Be sure to select HD for best sound. I encoded using AAC 192 kbps

1. 00:20 Device and controls
2. 00:54 Install process
3. 01:40 Mounting the amp
4. 02:18 Effects overview
5. 03:08 Hall Reverb A/B comparison
6. 05:00 Hall Reverb A/B part II
7. 06:10 Delay (short slapback effect)
8. 07:00 Delay (longer delay) A/B comparison
9. 07:55 Autowah A/B comparison
10. 09:28 Closing remarks

Tech notes:

Instrument: Mya Moe Spruce / Fiddleback Maple baritone ukulele
Gear: ipad, Movie Pro, Apogee Mic 96k
Video: Magix Movie Edit Pro @ 1080x720
Audio 192k vbr


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