Saturday, July 18, 2015


My first blog post was made on 7/6/2009. It has been over 6 years now. The plan was to find everything I could about the baritone ukulele and share. I also wanted to find links that would support the bari player. For the most part, I have just attached YouTube videos that showed the great diversity that the instrument has based on individual preferences.

I think it is about time I research a variety of costs for baritones. Perhaps I'll break it down something like this...

Over $1,000

I would like to encourage you to share anything that contributes to the enrichment of the bari-uke player. This could be an arrangement, story, a photo of yourself with your bari. Also if you have any links that "translate" well to the bari please forward to Your comments are appreciated.

I may also take Google ads if they support bari related items.



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