Monday, May 4, 2015

Baritonics on the Road || Reno Uke Fest || Tyde Music

I have been on a road trip which I started off last Friday at the Reno Ukulele Festival. I had just a few hours to connect with some old friends, review the merchandise, and make some new friends. I was most excited about meeting the new luthiers, Devin and Tyler.

Their company sprung out of their experience as furniture builders in the Lake Tahoe area. I like their innovative, recycled, and fresh approach towards luthiery. Their innovative baritone (and standard GCEA) ukulele design has differences that I think could build their business into a strong following of contemporary players.

Here's Devin & Tyler with the "Recycled Wood" Bari-Uke

This is the Tyde Music Table of Instruments. Note the wide selection of ukuleles and woods. The rectangular wood boxes are amazingly didgeridoos! They also have iPhone wood box resonator/amplifiers. See

Here's Devin with the Headstock

This front was made out of a wood cabinet door. 
The 3 diminishing holes are their trademark.

I asked for an up close photo of the head stock which was made from a worn shingle from a Lake Tahoe boathouse.

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