Monday, April 27, 2015

Dr. Bekken || Fonkify || Blues for a Dog || River's Invitation

The Doc plays some beautiful music on the baritone.
He gets so much flavor from the instrument,
Such masterful playing on cheap bari's...

Blues for a Dog

River's Invitation

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  1. The Doc is so smooth and I think that his music really shows of the simple richness of the standard DoGBonE baritone ukulele. I would love to hang out with this man and learn more about his jazzy and bluesy vibe. He has a rich & strong musical background that oozes deeply into all of his playing. I feel we are all blessed that the doc provides such inspiration.

    I hear those 7th's and 9th's and 13th's. What else does the Doc have in his arsenal of delicious chords?

    Jeff / Humble Baritonics