Tuesday, February 17, 2015

James Hill || The Old Silo (News Article)

I came across a Halifax e-newspaper article about James Hill. He was performing at an outdoor concert. The full article is below and has a great photo of James with a baritone ukulele. I would be surprised that any ukulele player hasn't heard his phenomenal playing. His statement below was interesting from a baritone ukulele player's perspective...
"...I felt like we couldn’t reach to a wider audience. We were basically playing our indoor show outdoors, and it wasn’t working... I remember coming off stage and really feeling like we were unable to reach people in a larger setting. I went back to the hotel, phoned a luthier friend of mine and asked him to build me a baritone ukulele... because then I could get into that grunty, guitar range, and watching Joel’s set that night, I thought, ‘That’s how you do it, those are the kinds of song that work, outdoors for a larger audience.’”
"James Hill's new album, The Old Silo, has its share of acoustic folk moments." 

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