Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Six Water Grog || Figuring it out for Yourself

Musical food for thought, using your ears...


Lanny writes...
"This is supposed to be the melody to the tune Sefrial, track 2 on Medeski, Martin and Wood's "Zaebos: Book of Angels", a 2008 album of John Zorn compositions. I kinda figured it out by ear on tenor banjo last night just before going to bed, and then woke up this morning and decided to instantly try playing it on baritone ukulele, after humming it in my sleep! (I have a very cheap, no-name ukulele). What you're hearing is a recording made at 7am today, minutes after playing this tune for the first time on uke, and less than 12 hours after trying to learn it on tenor banjo. My apologies to actual musicians. It's probably not even Sefrial at all."

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