Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jonathan Mann || Please Forgive Me

Yeah, I know he's playing guitar.
But he's my bari playin' buddy too.
He writes a song a day and this one is one of his best.

This is Song A Day #2202.

I do a lot
But I could do so much more
I'm a lazy man
At my core
My ambition
And my fear
Put me here
They put me here

Please forgive me
My potential
Please forgive me
What I don't achieve
If I die tomorrow
And you're flying solo
Know I love you
Please forgive me

I'm only driving
Without a map
Like everyone else
I fill in the gaps
I give enough
To get things done
I don't know how
To give another one

I do a lot
But it's not enough
I wanna give
So goddamn much
In the early hours
When we're all alone
My mind is racing
I try to atone

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