Friday, November 21, 2014

Pomerado School || Teaching Baritone Ukulele to Grammar Students

Roger Ruthen would be glad to hear about this...
...“I thought, this year, let’s add to this,” said Ortiz. “Being a musician, who was a music major before switching to general education, I vowed that one day I would provide additional opportunities to learn music or the fine arts to my students.”
Ortiz plans to focus his music program around the baritone ukulele, which is a lesser-known version of the instrument that is tuned similarly to the bottom four strings of a guitar.
“If you learn the chords (for the baritone ukulele), you’ll have essentially learned the same chords for the guitar,” said Ortiz. “It gives the students a leg up.” Ortiz said the ukulele is also easier for young students to hold than a guitar.
In case you don't know Roger's work, look here. He has many tabs for the bari ukin' community.

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