Monday, November 3, 2014

BACH || Fugue in Cm || ClassicTab.Org

One of my favorite music stores in Berkeley closed about a year ago. It was called "The Fifth String." Gladly, there is a new music shop, a block away, just north of Ashby on Adeline and is called the Berkeley Musical Instrument Exchange. Its main deal is the classical guitar but there is a wide array of musical instruments. I was lucky enough to have two classical guitarist friends testing and playing classical duets on a few guitars. I just down nearby listening and watching. I noticed that one of the arrangements that they were playing was entirely bari uke compatible!

The classical guitar has a very wide fretboard and nylon strings like the bari. The distance between the strings is almost identical too. This got me interested in checking out some classical guitar tabs and I found ClassTab.

There are a lot of songs here. Is there anyone that has some time and/or knowledge of classical music that would be willing to hunt for bari compatible tabs at the ClassTab link?

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