Monday, September 8, 2014

Jon Thysell shares his Port Townsend Bari-Ukin' experiences

Jon is a bari player, blogger and major techie. He has shared quite a broad selection of topics. But his most recent post is full of good information. He has many tidbits of information to share that are sure to add something to your playing. It's all good stuff. Read more here...

I was glad to hear that Aaron Keim was an instructor for the bari. He's a great advocate for the baritone ukulele and has a site which has some bari focused arrangements, see his Ukulele Tabs & Videos

I would change one of Ginger Johnson's comments about scary Jazz chords. Those Jazz chords can be especially fun. And 9th's and 13th's are quite easy to play. But if you really want to learn some great Jazz chords look up Glen Rose.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I should clarify Ginger's comments - the class was all about finding chord substitutions and to not be intimidated by what you see in (jazz) sheet music. Since technically you can't play a five note chord (like a 9th) exactly on an instrument that only has four strings anyway, knowing that C6, Am7, and Fmaj9 overlap with the same notes means a lot of the time they can be substituted for one another.