Friday, August 29, 2014

Jon Thysell || System: How To Practice

I have been reading Jon's blog over the last several days. He is a man with a wide variety of experiences and talents. He is also a deep thinker and writer who shares what he has learned on his blog, Therein, you may learn about programming, life planning, ukulele playing, and Taoism.

Turns out that although Jon lives in the Northwest now and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have both been members of the Royal Hawaiian Ukulele Band with Uncle Kem. This band was in Berkeley, California and practiced after hours in a bar called, the Temple Bar. This was a large group of ukulele players that created a repetoire of Hawaiian and Hapa Haole songs and performed at various small venues including the Northern California Ukulele Festival and the Solano Stroll in Albany, California. There were many longtime members and numerous ukulele players grew from their experiences there.

The key thing from Jon's blog, for the baritone ukulele player, is his methodology for creating an effective practice. I find that there is great merit in his plan. And the plan works no matter what your specific interest are or where you are in your bari-ukulele playing trajectory. You chose what you work on and Jon's method gives you a way to feel and track your process.

I think the process is simple and smart and will put a meaningful plan into your ukulele playing. Jon talks about quitting the ukulele and his collection of acquired ukes becoming art on the wall. As adults we may not understand the process of learning. Now here's one plan worth reading.

Thank you Jon for sharing your plan!

Jeff West / Humble Baritonics

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