Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fred Eaglesmith || Freight Train

I was in a garage band for a short while, called the Uklectics, and one of my bandmates, Sheila performed at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz open mic night tonight with her cousin and Gary Cunningham. It was the first time I heard this song and decided to post it here for future reference and a give it a go with my baritone. Sheila wowed on her banjo uke.

This video starts of with a little humor... Elephants, Canadians, etc...

Lyrics and chords, link.


  1. Where did you find this amazing guy, excellent. Thanks a lot.

  2. Sonsdad:

    I was in an amateur band for a while and one of my garageband mates, Sheila, sang this song at the most recent Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz' open mice night on 8/21/14. He's quite funny. In Canada they call Socialism "sharing." Thank you for your comments on Humble Baritonics. It is nice to hear comments from readers / viewers once in a while. Jeff