Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Buck-and-a-Quarter Quartet (?) || When I Take My Sugar to Tea (Tune from 1931)

John Bianchi writes, "The Buck-and-a-Quarter Quartet plays "When I Take My Sugar To Tea" at the Ukulele Cabaret. Friday, April 25th, at Jimmy's No. 43 in New York City. This 1931 tune by Irving Kahal and Pierre Norman is performed by Carl Luckert (guitar), Angus Loten (baritone ukulele) , John Bianchi (banjolele), Ben Mealer (standard uke), and John "Sir Scratchy" Landry (Violin)."

I can hear Angus Loten is really jammin' the bari but his Pono is hidden for the entire video except for the last few seconds of applause...

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  1. Hi - just a note - Angus is actually playing a Gibson here, a BU-1 from the 50's. He tuned it the same as a soprano uke in this video, if I remember correctly. Thanks for posting our video!