Friday, March 21, 2014

New Custom Kinnard Baritone Ukulele

I had a few corrections, kindly provided by Kevin...

I had the privilege of meeting Kevin Beddoe last year at the Napa Wine Country Ukulele Festival. He is the distibutor and owner of Kinnard Ukes. His company was specializing in making beautiful tenor ukuleles. I had my early 60's Favilla baritone with me and he gave it a test. He is a skilled musician and found the baritone intriguing. He sent me a few links to some music that he played with me in Napa and asked me a few questions about what I'd like to see in a baritone ukulele. John S. Kinnard is the luthier and builder of the Kinnard Ukuleles.

Below you will see his vision, for the baritone ukulele, that he sent just a few days ago. It is an absolutely gorgeous instrument. And it has a sound hole (a la Jonathan Mann's bari -- but just a little shinier). It has the peg head internally gear tuners. I wish I could include his sound sample. Click the photos to enlarge.

Kevin wrote...

Our website is

All pricing is located on page 2 of the website-

This one is-

Walnut back and sides
Bearclaw Sitka Spruce
Walnut neck with twin carbon fiber support rods
Peghed tuners
Rosewood bridge and fingerboard 
Walnut faceplate
Bone nut and saddle

Our ukes are available in three different series- 1,2 and 3.

Descriptions of each available on the website.


  1. This instrument is an outstanding player. I plays so smooth, has a warm tone, and sounds so beautiful. This instrument was truly made by craftsman's hands. I found the 2nd sound hole made it an extreme pleasure to hear yourself playing and yet it did not diminish the punch of the instrument.