Thursday, November 14, 2013

Justin P. || KonaBlaster Electric Baritone

Justin contacted me a couple of weeks ago excited about his new KonaBlaster electric baritone ukulele and offered to share his thoughts. I gladly accepted and what follows are Justin's comments with minimal editing...

Review Blue Star Konablaster baritone (solid body steel string)

"I received my konablaster baritone uke today which only took 4 days to arrive. First off, I will say Elderly Instruments is amazing in terms of quality and customer service. They were a real pleasure to deal with. They are very helpful and kind people.
[See HB note #1]

Anyway on to the uke itself. First how it feels/looks. Its so sturdy! The neck feels so solid. Its such a unique instrument -- the body is really pretty too look at! (I have the blue one).

The carpet back is actually nice. When I'm playing with out a strap it holds up securely and doesn't feel like its going to slip (although I did request strap pegs to be added but haven't used a strap yet).

So over all its a really unique looking ukulele I could stare at the thing all day and basically drool over it!

As for sound well, it sounds bright, even and beautiful! The intonation is spot on, the frets are perfect
no buzz, perfect action etc. I played it for about an hour messing around with various effects (even played some metal type stuff on it for a laugh with the distortion cranked up).

With a simple reverb or chorus (just a tad) on clean channel this has to be one of the nicest instruments I have ever played. Over all I was on the search for a middle ground between an electric guitar and a ukulele (since I'm a much better uke player than guitarist but need electronics to make the ambient music I like to make) I have to say this is the perfect instrument for me -- 10/10. I recommend anyone who is looking for a solid body baritone ukulele this is THE ONE to get."

Justin P.

HB Note #1 -- I must agree that Elderly Instruments is a quality online music store. I bought a Hamano tenor and a Cigar Box Bari. Both were beautiful instruments, well set-up, securely packaged and promptly shipped.

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