Thursday, October 3, 2013

Corey Fujimoto || Ko'olau Tenor Guitar #1 [DGBE]

This is a very beautiful instrument. Corey shows it off very nicely...

Hawaiian Music Supply comments...

"This is the first Ko'olau tenor guitar made, just strung up today! It's a 23" scale 4 string guitar tuned like a baritone ukulele or the high four on guitar, DGBE. It can have other tunings as well but we put it at the standard tenor guitar tuning for this demo. 
Corey hadn't played this song before but said he heard it on the drive over. He was just figuring it out, finding his way on musical memory. He wanted to wait and play something he knew but I told him "no way! that sounds so cool!" Right? 
Tune into our review site- and we'll release pictures and more video's of this gorgeous new instrument soon. Noa and Ryan at Ko'olau make some of the finest custom instruments you will ever find. This one is nothing short of phenomenal. See more from them at"

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