Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flea Market Music || The Daily Ukulele Songbook Goes Bari!

Jim Beloff has been on the leading edge of the ukulele world for over a decade. He is the creator of the Flea and the Fluke style ukuleles. His company, Flea Market Music is responsible for one of the bari books that I recommend -- The Bari Best. Now, the word is out that he's creating a baritone version of his book, The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs for Better Living. 
I would also recommend that you check out his site, I enjoy looking at all of the comments on the bulletin board.

Jim asked for photos for his new book and I missed his deadline. I don't know if the word will get to Jim but I will post some shots that Jim might like below...

 Jon Braman
 Olivia Quillio
Michelle Blades

I alsoi have a great Arthur Godfrey, check back later...

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  1. I've been using Jim's ukulele song books for baritone uke from day one. With almost no exceptions, the arrangements sound great and the chords are the same, they just sound a 4th lower on the bari. (One or two arrangements depend on reentrant tuning, but all of the others work well with a low 4th string.)