Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ondrej Sarek || Jewish Songs (and Other Titles) for Baritone Ukulele

Ondrej has created several book for the baritone ukulele. I just came across Ondrej's book, Jewish Songs for the Baritone Ukulele. It appears there are actually 2 books on Amazon: a high-D version and a low-D version. Here's the book link via

Jewish Songs (I believe this is low-D)

There is one song from the book posted as a pdf, link. Scroll down to page 31 to see Tum Balailaka (low-D version) and page 33 to see the same as a high-D version. 

Ondrej has been prolific in his book writing and is a recognized writer on, link. I have linked several of his books here. Unfortunately, I have not always been able to determine whether a book was in low-D or high-D by the descriptions posted on the covers or the "book description" on where all of the links tie back. So look carefully.

The titles are intriguing...

Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach
Campanella style songbook for beginner (high D)
Romantic Pieces by Frantisek Max Knize

HELP -- I have an affection for the sound of Klezmer style music. Is there anyone that can review the Yiddish titles and tell me if there are any Klezmer tunes?

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