Saturday, July 27, 2013

Glen Rose || Corcovado [Jazz Ukulele]

Glen Rose is another contributer to the baritone ukulele world. I have met him, seen his shows, and been to a class at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. He is the man to follow if you like jazz music. He has written several books and has a selection specifically for the bari player.
Glen simplifies jazz into very user friendly chord combinations and they sound great. For those that haven't played the jazzy 9th's and 13th's you might find a whole new range of sounds to tinker with. Glen shares so much more and you can explore his videos on YouTube, his website, and training videos by following these links:

Glen often plays a baritone ukulele with Low G strings, in GCEA tuning since he's looking to reach the largest audience possible. But the savvy DoGBonE tuned bari-uke player learns to adapt on a regular basis. I think that it will be well worth the effort. Here's one of his blues scale lessons...

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