Friday, May 31, 2013

Jeff's Flickr Fotos

Hello readers and visitors of Humble Baritonics. I have experimented with a few things on this blog over the last three years. One of those things was an attempt to build a baritone ukulele e-community for sharing music, videos, tutorials, books, etc that would be beneficial for the bari-uke player or those just exploring some musical options. 

I have requested photos, taken and been offered photos of baritone ukulele players from around the world to share on the blog. Today, I logged on to my flickr account and saw some changes as well as a small selection of the wonderful photos that I have collected. I thought some of you might interested in seeing these photos too so I am sharing the link...

I am also going to let you know I would be glad to include more photos that you may want to share.

Jeff / Humble Uker
Castro Valley, California
humble uker at gmail dot com

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