Saturday, March 30, 2013

Who is Jerrold Connors?

When I was just starting to learn the ukulele I was surprised to find how much was going on in the San Francisco Bay Area. My fingers and brain seemed so slow to react and I never could get my fingers on the strings right. I would have buzzing, and just seemed to keep on going because of sweetness of a chord well played and the simplicity of the instrument. My wife Wendy was NOT thrilled.

I was playing my father's old Harmony soprano with a plastic fretboard. The frets were worn and the action high enough that getting a true chord was inconsistent...

Well about that time, I was e-mailing my new ukulele friends, with many songs and websites that I had found on the internet. I wanted a place to store what I found and so I created the blog "Humble Uker (Ramblings)" and when I became enamored with the baritone I continued with another blog, this one, Humble Baritonics. It's not a great name because, as the Swedish (my ancestry) are not permitted to add to their vocabulary, it was nearly "ogooglebar." (I guess google didn't like the idea of becoming a "kleenex" or "xerox.")

So... Who is Jerrold Connors? He is a children's artist, illustrator, bookwriter, ukulele player,... and creator of Ukulele Boogaloo which was the first ukulele song site that I came across. He was a member of the Royal Hawaiian Ukulele Band that met at the Temple Bar on University in Berkeley for many years. I met him a few times when he returned after having a baby with his wife. I also have a copy of his illustrated ukulele book Jiminy Kokopo's Sing & Strum Book.

And alas, Jerrold also is a friend or the baritone ukulele player from the start, and has chord section for us, the baritone ukulele player, that you may find useful.

Happy Strummin'

Jeff / Humble Uker

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