Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scott Rogers || Waterbound (Clawhammer) (Reprise)

6 months ago I wrote, "Hello SR, Jeff from Humble Baritonics here. I have not found sites to link for DGBD tuning. You may make your own compositions but if you have any links to DGBD tablature I would be glad to show them on the blog." 

Scott Rogers replied, "Hi Jeff... here's a link This is a site with lots of tabs in several tunings. They're written for banjo but baritone players can just ignore the fifth string notations. Some tunes use the fifth string as part of the melody but with a bit of lateral thinking one can find a work around."

I thought that MrVinylment's comment was quite precise, "This is great, I love the way your left hand seems to flow slowly, yet smartly, around the neck."

Check out the Blue Sage Band site.

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